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Oakland-based, Detroit-bred DJ affiliated with Underground Resistance/Alter Ego Management. As with most Detroit DJs, not limited to one genre, having done techno events, Chicago Steppin' events, hip hop shows, and reggae parties. Hip hop was my foundation but I'm influenced by everything I hear.


Taiwan Is My Home: Stories of the Black and Latino Diaspora

"Taiwan is My Home" explores transnational migration and the impact of popular culture such as hip hop on personal identity. Although born in Taiwan and despite frequent return visits, author Daniel D. Zarazua’s multiracial background and upbringing outside of the country shaped a unique view of what it means to be Taiwanese, particularly as it pertains to the experiences of Latino and Black people who call the island home. Through self-reflection, story telling, and interviews with Taiwanese of varying ethnicities, "Taiwan is My Home" explores the blurred lines of how we define ourselves, no matter our nationality or background.

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Pochino Press

Pochino Press offers a multi-media stage for change makers and culture creators. Our mission is to publish works that illuminate stories, which originate in the intersections where hybrid cultures not only meet, but form a new sensibility.

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